* Results Will Vary From Person To Person

*I did follow the videos, then went to a driving range and your technique instantly cured my slice.

now I am hitting the ball consistently straight off the tee for the first time in my life. I am now working on the body rotation and generating more power. Instead of playing, I plan on working your technique the rest of the summer to change the muscle memory.

The next step will be to revaluate hitting the long irons.

Thanks Paul!

Scott Hawkins

*Yes it did help a lot. I'm actually hitting it a little left now. Great tip. Thanks

Ron Kidwell

*sure did paul thanks for the tips..... only had one instance were i pushed sliced one


*Hi Paul,

Thanks for checking in. Your videos helped a lot. One must first get the hook and then practice body rotation to straighten it up.

Appreciate your instructions!


*Awesome advise. Was hitting the ball pretty consistent toward my targets yesterday. Thank you! I look forward to delving deeper into your instructional material.

Nick Giangreco

*Best golf tip I've ever had!! Thank you

Daniel Barnes

*Thank you so much for your helpful videos. I was able to hit straight on the range. Will be hitting links this weekend.

Naveen Thorati

*wow....thank you so much i can pull draw hook at will!!!!!

im jus starting to work on the hipster ....

unbelievable instruction thanks so much



I have been golfing for about 10 years now. Only during the season but when I can for sure. I could never cure my slice. I watched so many videos and none of them ever helped me fix my slice. I improved my putting through the years and my short game significantly. But all this time I could not cure my slice.

Until I watched your two part video. I duck hooked a lot of my shots when I first started trying out your method but eventually I started getting my feel down more and more.

I can't thank you enough for the content you put out and how effective it was immediately.

Best regards,

Chuck Conners

*Work in progress but progress indeed !   Yes the wrist worked and hooking ok ... An hour at driving range tonight and drew the ball first time for years ... More work to do as inconsistent but certainly looks the way to go

Mike Thirde

*Hi Paul

I tried this yesterday and it really worked for me. I would like to thank you for all the advice you put out there for all us golfer's.


*Hi Paul Wilson!

Thanks so much for your video. Now I am practicing under the guidance of your video to cure my slice.

Best regard,

Pham Dong


I appreciate your advice. First time I've ever hit the ball straight with a driver.

Thanks for your help!

Justin Ollis

*Early days but looking really good.

Thanks Paul.

Paul Logan

*Dear Paul,

My slice was cured and now I play a little draw, have no doubt i will check out the video for long distance.


Vicente Noero

*Hi Paul,

Thanks for your advice on how to cure my slice. Great help for me and I'm more confident now 'coz my drive goes straightforward to my target now.

Thanks a lot

Rivière Marasigan

*It was a BIG help.  I'm reluctant to say it is "cured" but when I played yesterday I actually had to adjust to a draw.  At least most of the time.  I'm still working on it.

Bob Mehl

*Thanks man. I appreciate the tips. I'm hitting the ball as straight as an arrow. I'm making my way to Q-School just because of your tips.

Thank you

Adam Freiman

*Thanks Paul

Yes it is working. I just need to keep working on it


Darrell Draper

*These are the most useful golf videos I've seen.

I applied the information on the range and a 9 hole game yesterday. The slice is cured. Now it's a matter of being consistent.

I can't believe the difference.

Thanks for the videos.

Paul Fazioli

*Worked great right off the bat..today was my first time out, trying out my new swing or old swing with faster wrist turn..

really nice seeing My first draw I've ever done of the tee going 260 yards down the fairway...

I did pull a couple of shots off the tee but it was my first time out doing this ..so I gotta say give me 3 months perfecting this new swing and I'll be very happy ..

Thank you so much for simplifying what is happening with a slice ,fade,shot..

Mark English

*Yes , it's been a big help. I haven't hit a ball in over 12 years and trying to get back into it.


Roger Arredondo

*It did actually cure my slice quite well. Only took a few hits to get it right, thanks!

Kind regards,

Niklas Jacobsson

*I had a huge slice now it's a small fade which I quite enjoy thanks!

Karleen Turner

*Yes my wife could not believe my first drive

Thomas Armed

*I have not completely cured it but.....

It's way better than before!! I love the loose wrist approach because it feels like I'm not even trying!! Sometimes the old habits come back and my arms and wrist try to help too much and it's counterproductive and the slice reappears!! However the balls are going farther with a slight fade.

It's something that I will keep working on but for sure it's been the best golf tip that I have ever had!!!


Ariel Hernandez Jr

*Hi there Paul and team,

Thank you very much for posting your videos. I actually didn't have a slice, I'm a hooker and pull-hooker, but have been watching all of your videos. I realized several years ago that I was a swayer and slider, and that I over-utilized my upper body, but I didn't have the knowledge to correct it. I was fairly skilled at timing my swing so I could shoot good scores, but as I played less my game got away from me ... I went from a 3 handicap to a guy who couldn't break 85, had no control over my golf ball and I stopped playing golf. It was frustrating and not fun anymore.

I started to practice last year but still couldn't totally eliminate the pull or pull-hook from my game. I tried many corrections but none worked consistently and ultimately, I still did not have control of my golf ball.

Since finding your videos, I have successfully commenced rebuilding my swing, using the one-piece takeaway, appropriate torso and shoulder turns, and initiating my downswing with my lower body. Wow, unbelievable !

Thank-you very much Paul, I am playing golf again and loving every minute of it.

I've found your method to be easy on the body and without having lots of technical swing thoughts to think about.

I'm not perfect but I can see that the results I want are there.


Jim Bradbrook

*Thank you so much!!! Yes I start hooking the ball, now I got to work in the second part. I will let u know as soon I will start.

Thank you

Ioan Lliu

*Good evening Mr Wilson

Incredibly I cured my slice in an hour at the range after watching your videos. Im just working on hitting it more consistently now and next to work on distance. I appreciate the videos. They helped a great deal! Very quick and efficient.

Mr. Smith

*Yes I did! I went out to Desert Willow Golf Course (you might know it, it's in Henderson) on Monday and did a lot of driving practice before my round. Your videos really helped me! I'll be going to Boulder Creek on Friday to really try out the new things I've learned since they have more Par 4's and 5's. Again, thank you! The videos really did help me.

Matt Limer

*Yes it helped tremendously,  thank you, not only did my drive straighten up but it also went further, noticed that I sometimes hurry myself and find it going to the left again, but with practice I believe I will improve, just started golfing this year so there is lots to learn


*Hi Paul,

I thought this was just a SPAM email, so I did not reply. The slice video helped a bunch. I can now hook the ball. I am currently working on my hips timing.

Thanks again,

Jeremy Fisher

*YES .... it works!

After lifting the club head off the ground 2' I would then rotate my hands early several times back / forth as shown in your video. Then I would address the ball and swing,.... Boom! my slice was gone! It's not perfect, but 95% better. I appreciate the great videos and can't wait to get out there this weekend. I'm in a qualifier for a local tournament and feel so much more confident now.

Thanks again!!

Jim C.

*I have worked on my body rotation andthere is a remarkable improvement
on the direction and less slicing of the ball. but still have to work
on it to improve my swing.

Best Regards

Hannes Pretorius

*Paul I have a injured shoulder and could only swing the club from one hip to another practicing turning that hand over then rotating and turning my hips toward the target. But I can say that the one shot I hit 3 days ago was about 210 yards and I only took a half shot and it went strait as an arrow.

That was the best video ever. Just by taking that club in my living room and swinging it from one knee to the other I can tell the club is square and in the zone. This weekend I'm going to try and help my boy fix his swing as he has joined his high school team and is a beginner golfer.

I want to fix his problem so he develops sound foundamenals.

Can't thank you enough

Dave Novitsky

*Thanks Paul, your two videos have helped me tremendously.

I have tried it at the range and my shots are now mostly draws.

I will try the same techniques this Friday, will persist with it.



*Hello Paul,

Am working on it with, as yet some improvement, but more needed. . Heading in the right direction.

e same techniques this Friday, will persist with it.


John Finlay

*After working on my slice using your method I went out to play a round of golf and hit all but one fairway. It is helping. Thank you.

Ralph Justice

*Hi Paul,

Your video really helped my golf game. I am a young golfer just getting started. I started playing a couple years ago. I've always been able to hit the ball pretty far but it always would slice. Your video not only helped me cure my slice, but it gave me more distance. Averagely I would hit my drives 220. Now that I don't slice, I hit my drives well over 250.

I can surely say your video has helped my golf game.

Matthew Ryals

*Hey Paul,

Yes, your videos have definitely helped me get rid of most slices. I used to slice maybe 7/10 balls with the driver. Now it's down to about 3/10! I have noticed that I've been hooking the ball a little more though, but I'm sure that's just my tempo.

I've only been watching your videos for about a week or two and I'm starting to get it! Still need some more practice, but I feel very confident that this is the way forward.

Only question I have is about spine angle. When I'm coiling my shoulders, I tend to focus on keeping the spine as straight as possible and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Any thoughts on focusing on spine angle?

Keep doing what you're doing! I love your videos and the way you teach. I'll be subscribing to your website soon.

Thanks much,

Steve Sewa

*Thank you Paul. Your tips are really good for my golf. Thanks to them I've got rid of my slice and the use of the driver has become easy.

Per Gothberg

*Thank you Paul

Your tips were a great help. No slices yesterday.

James Fashing

*Hi Paul,

It is really working on me, just need to practice it more.

Thanks a lot for a very powerfull video.


Dadik Gautama

*Hey Paul,

Thanks for the note. I haven't gotten out to the course since. But your pointers seem great.


Zachary Abaie

*Great tip. Watched many online lessons and u are the best.

Michael Phillips

*I drove awsome and only sliced 2 off the tee  Thanks I just need to keep it up.

Dale Piske


Your video really helped me. I just started to try and hit hooks and my slice disappeared. The ball goes dead straight or draws slightly. I also get 20 to 30 more yards.


Bailey McDade

*Doing better...trying to get the ball to draw more now...


Tony Houston

*Thank you very much.
Your two videos are the best!!!
I can't believe those were the key to hit straight or draw.

Again, thank you.

Kyle Theemone

*Yes it has helped so much for my swing in general. You speak my language. I have been golfing for thee years an never understood why I made a good shot or a bad one.   Thank you so much by the way I have taken professional lessons but it was never explained that way.

F Forte

*You bet I did!

I have actually only golfed a handful of times before this season. I honestly assumed I would get the hang of it, and my slice would just go away with practise. Or I would be able to figure it out. I kinda wish I had found your videos much sooner because I lost a whole season of practise.

It was as simple as you mentioned on your video and I was kinda shocked. All I need to remember is to lead with my shoulders on my backswing and then lead with my legs/hips on the downswing. It was quite miraculous how well it worked and I’m super thankful for it.

Not too much of a season left in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, but I’m definitely going to try and make the best of it. Thanks alot.

Kyle Zimmerman

*First three drives during 9 holes yesterday were straight and long! Hit a couple at the end with a slice, but now I know how to fix it!

J Marshall

*Hi Paul,

Thank you for your email about how to fix slice and other tips.

I have watched your instruction videos more than by any other instructors.

I am very grateful for your professional presentations teaching every aspect of the golf fundamentals. I started golf about two years ago and I have been watching your instructions from day one.

Sincerely and best wishes...

Nelson Park


Honestly I cant believe it was that easy! what really did it for me was imaging the brick wall next to my hip. Everything after that fell into place and I played the best round of golf ever! Seriously I'm not just saying that. Thank you so much for the video and sending this email. I dont know if its automated or someone else but its cool to know you cared to ask. Your a great guy and i'll be looking at more of your videos now! Thanks again!

Justyn Gardner

*Cured it!

AJ Rosen

*Worked like a charm. A bit more consistent every now and then there is a hook

Phil Aiello

*thank you so much your first video helped me out so much

Richard Lopez

*Paul your tips worked! I went to the driving range ASAP after watching your videos and was hitting a straight ball in no time. The next day I played a round and felt more confident in my drives and it carried over to the rest of my game. Can't thank you enough for the tips and new confidence!

Will Matson

*its a work in progress but yes much improved, thanks very much.

James Cuckow

*Hi Paul,

Your video was very helpful, thank you. My slice was gone within a couple of minutes. This is my 3rd summer golfing and I've been battling the slice on the driver since day 1.

Thanks again for the great tip!

Don Kardash

*Actually, I did fix it.  One session on the driving range, and some practice first in back yard.

Bob Lee

*Hi Paul,

Thanks for the follow up. Im hitting straight pure shot now.

Many thanks for the treasured videos.

Blessed Chimbgha

*Hi Paul,

I had sent you a e-mail on Friday about my swing problem. And you responded with what I was doing wrong and a cure. Later that day went out did what you told me to do to fix my swing. It worked I took 19 strokes off my round!!!! I have been working on learning your swing for 6 months, It finally starting to sink in!! I have shot the best round since I started playing! Thank you!!!

Bill Savage

*Watched your videos. Went to the range today. Did what you said. Hit some good ones and still had a few slices. Looks like it is a work in progress. Thanks for your help.


Ryne San Hamel

*Yes I did within  15 mn.  that was the best  tip I ever seen about curing the slice.


Helmi Trabelsi

*Hi from Ireland been following your videos for quiet a while best on u tube you transformed my game many thanks

Mike Cregan

*Hi Paul

Your technique has worked without question
With very little hip turn I now hit my driver absolutely nail straight
I get the occasional pull left but nothing too troublesome

My only problem with your technique is that my irons all pull left
I am hoping to negate this pull left by using more lower body rotation

Thanks for your enquiry

Played today and have never felt so good on the course
Ball striking and ball trajectory are great

Peter Bern

*Hi Paul,

These videos are awesome!!!! I went to the range today and worked on everything and it really helped. I can't wait for the weather to clear up and get out to work again.

Thanks a bunch,

Ryan Shannon

*Yes it did!!!! Shot my best score of the year. the next day after watching your video... What a difference it made, 81 from an average of low 90,s. Explanation was something I could understand and apply.

Thanks so much.

Dale Stork

*Thanks for the follow up, I'm still working on it, but it's getting better.

Many thanks

Andy Cruickshank

*It worked! In less than 2 minutes I was hitting it straight. Thank you!


*I'd like to say that your videos really helped out a great deal! I've been golfing for less than a year and the first videos about the slice took the slice out immediately and I have a straight drive now! I look forward to watching the rest of your tips!

Crawford Braxton

*Hi Paul,

I have definitely improved.

Many thanks,


*Thanks, this worked most of the time. When I do it right,I hit very long drives starting to the right with a small draw. Tilting behind ball feels strange but worked yesterday. thanx again



Thank you so much for the video..... I have cured my slice ang now I have a straight drive on the fairway, not just that, I also gained more distance on my driver and irons. Lol. Thanks again

Joseph Ruiz

*Thank you Paul...you can even teach old Marine dogs new tricks...that's quite a gift!   I'm off to the driving range to try your method and techniques.  I'll let you know how to goes!

Henry Britt

*Your two step approach made sense to me and….it’s working. I’m not there yet but I’m encouraged. Thanks.

Gus Knollenberg

*It's really helped my son's swing! I'm an avid golfer and have been told by Teaching professionals when I was younger that moves like this were fundamentally incorrect because your turning your wrist in an unnatural way.. My son is 12 and it's really helped his thought process on how to hit the ball correctly. His other problem is he hits his wedges fat.. I'm not sure if it's the ball position or he just stops making a turn because I have him hit punch shots and full shots and both ways he seems to hit them fat. I've been having him hit at muni because they have unlimited balls for a set price. I will keep in touch with you and have him take a lesson from you.


Phil Key

*Hey Paul,

I am still push fading, but that is only after 1 round of 18. I can already tell the difference with my wrists. I am young so I tend to drive my hips too hard. Like my pops always said, I need to slow it down. Thanks for the time for these videos as I am sure they have helped many people, as well as the follow up.


Tom Marrone

*hi Paul, thks very much for bringing back joy, interest and results to my veryvery poor golf.

huge compliments out of Luxembourg(Europe)

kind regards,

Angelo Tricarico

*yes, thank you paul - ive been following your methods for a few weeks now and my game has improved by far - many thanks

Brian Gibbons

*Hey I would like to thank you for all your great videos. They are in proving my game. I love the technique. Thank You

Wayne Sauder

*It has helped alot. still working on it. It's always good on the range. I'm plying in leauge play tommorrow will see how I do.


*your instructions are the best, i didnt have a slice problem, i have a pull hook problem but i wanted to view all your info about everything, im a self taught golfer have learn from hogans 5 easy lesson book i took from my high school library when i was a student, that book helped me alot i played in the mid and low 80s, i stopped playing for 20 years having kids and work the last time i played was in the 90s i was starting to shanking intermittently so i gave up the game, i just started playing again after watching your videos this year, and you really helped my game along thank you

Rob W

*Hi Paul,

I wouldn't say I've cured it, but after watching both videos and going to the range the next day and after spending over an hour hitting just my driver, I would say its gotten a lot better. I played a round the following day and hit over half the fairways. My right leak crept back in near the end of the round, but I think that was do to being tired and lack of focus.

I want to say Paul your tips have gotten me back down to low 90s and after watching the cure your slice videos and a good driver practice session I had an 88 at Legacy and the following day at Stallion Mnt.

Thanks Paul

Jeff Baer

*Thanks for the follow up. Good advice, and it's working well.

Keep up the great work!

Anthony Giombetti

*Thanks Paul,

I went to the range and tried your two steps to curing a slice. I think the have merit. I like how you made it simple. I'm 60 and a former world ranked pole vaulter back in the late 70's. I have struggled with a slice for all 50 years I have played. Your ideas seem to work. My best score for18 holes is 72. I'm a 9 handicap, but think that will now change. Will consider buying some of your other lessons!


Jeffrey Taylor

*Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say thank you for your tips. I used to be a heavy slicer. I tried your grip tip aalong with the two videos you sent me and I am now driving the ball dead straight every time. thanks a lot for your willingness to help golfers like me to enjoy the game a whole lot more.


Vasile Corniciuc

*Thanks mr paul . I'm just start working on it . The result is so great. I start a few moves in the 1st video. Then I start the 2nd part . I got my ball dead straight . Sometimes with a little draw and sometimes still slicing a bit. But I won't stop trying. Thank you in advance.

Your virtual student

Adityo Pratomo

*Hi Paul

I enjoyed watching your interesting videos.
Because of my job I could only play once a week
However let me tell you that my slice has disappeared
Sometimes I'm pull hooking.
So I can't wait for the next weekend.
I'm really enjoy the game!

Thanks for your great contribution to my performance

Your virtual student

Patricio Sepúlveda

*Hi Paul,

Yes, my slice is cured. The problem was that my swing was too inconsistent. I was trying to hit at the ball with my arms. Your slow and effortless swing helped my swing tremendously - I went to a par 3s course where I just swung nice and easy to get the ball heading straight off the club head. Later I turned my hips faster naturally causing the ball to go further and it feels great.

Maybe it was a bit of fluke getting it right first time but it really did feel like I wasn't putting much effort into the shot even though I was hitting a 9 iron close on 130 meters where previously I couldn't get it much above 110.

I am definitely going to continue watching your videos!

Kevin Martin

*Hi Paul,

Following your advice definitely helped me out a lot. For the most part, I’m hitting it straight (sometimes a draw); however, I still occasionally slice the ball (not as severe as before though). I think this is just because I haven’t really been allowing my wrists to roll in the past. Also, I thought driving the lower body hard resulted in more distant. Is that not so? The faster you turn your hips, the faster your club head speed is, right?

Thanks for helping me become a better golfer,

James Schumacher

*Thank you Paul! I watch all your videos on YouTube. I just wanted to say you are the best teacher and really appreciate everything you do. Thank you so much!

Danny Hong

*Hi Paul,

Yes I cant believe how well this worked. I have been to the driving range twice this week and it works . Only sliced about 5 out of 100 balls. I am pull hooking a few however on the whole much much better.

Thanks again. Will test this out for real at Peninsula Country Golf Club in Melbourne Australia this Saturday. One of the finest courses on the sandbelt !

Regards & Thanks

Greg McKillop

*Your technique worked very well. While I don't hit every ball straight, I have more control and feel for the flaws that contribute to my slice. Thanks.

Daren Schauls


It was by far the best process I have come across for curing my slice. I have been playing golf off and on since a kid and had always bounced between a beautiful fade and an awful slice. After watching your videos and a couple hours on the range I am still hooking a few, but a majority of my drives are now 250-275yd draws. I am no where near as consistent as I would like, but I am definitely headed in that direction thanks to your videos.

Robert Theriot

*Good Afternoon,

thank you for following up. I am still working on it. I have been striking the irons a lot better.. a LOT less fat shots. As for Driver, I feel that I am maybe turning the hips too much and coming still over the top a bit.. hence slicing or fading still.

At the range I am getting straighter but my last 2 games I was still fading.. Hopefully by end of week, it will be addressed.

Thanks again,

Richard Mailloux

*Hey Paul , thank you for helping me clear up my slice, I am a lefty and my slice has been eliminate. I currently drive the ball about 280 . I'm 5 foot 10 . 165 lbs. I still would like to gain about 20 more yards on my drive. I will send you a video of my swing some time this week. If you could analyze my swing I would greatly appreciate it.

Peter Smuk


Love your videos... just broke 100 and on my way to 90 thanks to your awesome tutorials. Slice is rapidly being diminished... practice, practice, practice!!

A big thank you!

Andrew Lauterbach


I think I have gotten the hang of it. The video has helped tremendously.

I changed my grip on the club because my previous grip made it difficult to have free wrist movement. So I'm changing several things at once which is causing some learning curves. But I'm adjusting nicely (along with a few blisters on my hand since practicing more 🙂 )

I have have been playing golf for 5 or 6 years now but have become really serious about it the last year or so and would love to work towards playing in Pro-Am tournaments.

I have a lot of work ahead of me but I appreciate your videos and will continue learn from them.


Ted Johnson


My name is Casey Presnell from N. Wilkesboro NC. This was the "missing piece" to my golf swing. One word on my ball striking sums up the huge gain I've seen, consistent. You should coin the hip turn shown in this video as the "Elvis Move". Elvis would poke his left rear around and it kind of resembles hip turn in a golf swing, might sound crazy but it's a visualization that helps golfers like me feel certain things in my swing to gauge my hits or misses.

All the best!



Thanks for your video instructions to cure slices. For the last 3 days that I am doing your instructions, I can see that I cure my slice. Although sometimes it hooks too much and sometimes it slices a little bit, I know that it's just the rotation of my body as you said. For the last 2 1/2 years that I am watching different videos to cure my slice, I am thankful that at last I found your video instructions to cure my slice. I happy for what I learn from you.

I will continue to watch for your other video instructions especially the bunker shots.

Lito Sapiandante

*Hi Paul,

Amazing but I confirm,

It helps me really

Thanks a lot for your vision


Didier Llorens


I must say I appreciate the concern despite whether or not it was an automatic reply. I really did find both videos to help tremendously and I found out I was losing distance because of sliding versus rotating.

Kyle Martens

*Thank you for your email I think I have improved. Let's see if I can maintain the form in the next few games



*Hi Paul,

I went to the range and worked on both part 1 & 2. And the results were great! I will get to use it in a round next week.

Tom Paterna

*Only tried it at the range, it seems to work. Playing Sunday and that will be the test.  Hope is high.

Chuck Meintel

*Mr. Wilson,

That for responding and sending me your tips. I had the opportunity today with two large buckets of balls curing my slices; it worked. It took me a while, but with the rotation of my hips I was hit straighter and crisp shots. The driver, I could not believe how many shots I hi straight. The next step, is to consistently duplicating another practice session getting use to the rotation with the hips. It was very awkward at the beginning and reviewing Luke Donald's slow motion swing. I also passed your videos to a friend to better assist him with his over the top swing.


*Hi Paul,

It works, but needs some practising,
Most of the time when it goes wrong, i hook it a little bit now but the slice is gone.
So the solution is on its way.

When i look at your driverswing i wonder how far you hit it when you swing at 97mph as in one of your videos.

I think you are doing a wonderful job.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Cor Visser

*Hey Paul /the admin.

My driver slice has been cured, at least on the driving range. And I have also had great help from the tempo clip that made me realise I was swinging too much with my arms instead of letting the rotation of the hips drive the arms.

So it was a good thing that I spent a day looking at YouTube when I was sick. 🙂


*Hey Paul,

I went to the driving range yesterday to work on your tips in less than 10 minutes I was driving the ball straight again. Both of those videos were extremely helpful! I'm excited to get back out on the course to see how this will affect my scores. I am extremely new to the game so all your videos have been a great help to understanding each shot. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more videos to come.

Thanks for the help,

Drew Sparks


Great advice I actually hooked the ball for the first time ever and over and over. Then the second tip helped straighten it out. Thanks for the follow up.


Nathan Martin

*Absolutely brilliant! Thanks.

David Muss


Your videos are amazing, not only did I cure my slice but I have much more effortless distance by using my hips more.

Thanks and hope to get out to Bears Best and shake your hand!

Chris Boyle

*thanks paul

yesterday it worked fine, i had (surprisingly) no slice at all. i think the biggest challenge for men (and specially me) is to consciously and massively reduce power in the driver swing. amazing to see how far the ball goes even with an effortless nice swing...
other than that rolling the hands over is helpful as well.

yesterday was also special since there were many uphill, downhill, above feet and below feet situations...

thanks for your good tips!

Martin Wechler

*Hi Paul , yes at the moment I am hitting the ball sweet and straight, I do get the odd push or fade , like you said I think this is due to not getting my lower body moving first


Terry Jarrett

*Paul, I finally think I cured my slice. This is the best tip I've ever received. Tku!

Vincent Delloiacono

*Not only have I cured my slice for the most part but I'm playing the best golf I've ever played in my life and for that I thank you. It's unreal how helpful your videos are. I have a tournament May 17th here in Central FL at Kissimee Bay Country Club and have improved my golf tremendously in the last few weeks with these videos. Although I'm getting close to the green in just a few strokes, I'm not able to play par golf due to my lack of skill in chipping and it's putting me at double bogeys almost every hole. If I could just hit a clean chip I can finish strongly. Any tips on chipping and putting?

Chris Candrew


I am French and even if I did not understand all you tips in your video, I can confirm It’s working because I am not slicing any more, or at least less. Furthermore I was surprised by the length of my drive yesterday at practice range!

My golf teacher explained me he did not want to see my again as far as I was not able to hook the ball but you tips to show me how hook it with the hand.

And after, body rotation enables a true straight shot.

I am going forward how it’s working on the course…



*Thanks for this info Paul. You have really good information and a great knack for instruction. I'll give this a try when I get to the range.

Thanks again,

Dick Martin

*Hi Mr Wilson,

Just tried your method and 80% ok, but this is in driving range, I will try this tomorrow when I hit the course.
Your method makes perfect sense !!!

Thanks and I will let you know later how it goes with the play.

Thanks and warmth regards from Indonesia,

Anton Tanoso

*G'day Paul.

You are the best on line instructor (teacher) far as i am concern.I have being watching your videos and working on it for about three mouths now.

Yes i have got rid off my fade as you instructed on your video, just turning my body bit earlier than usual and swing the club lot more relax swing than push swing,and doing that so gain me an extra twenty meters(approx 21.9 yards).

I all so use the same principle on my irons and amazing what a different s it makes, i have drop five stork of my handicap in three mouths,which is now i am playing of nine,and i am a very happy man.Thank you very much Mr P Wilson.


D Latif

*Yes it did. Thank you. I was still closing my club head and I went from slicing to hooking. I was able open the club to nuteral and my shot was straight 19 out of 20 swings. Your chipping video took strokes off aw well. Was always scared to go over and usually came up short. Didn't realize to use different clubs when chipping. Thanks so much

Thanks again,

Mike Parido

*Hi Paul

Just have done! Thanks for all your help – still much rather be hitting it straight and low than right OOB..

Will work on the weight holding back a bit next time..

Matthew Barlow

*Thanks paul i watch all your videos seem to be the only one that makes any sence in all aspects of the game I play off 6 and couldnt understand why all of a sudden this slice had got into my game I broke my 8th and 9 th cartlidge in my ribs last year thinking this could be the reason as to why I dont get any body turn and to be honest afraid to turn through.

I have been up the driving range 5 times since watching ur video and yes preety amazed at the difference thanks very much ,such a simple routine ,I can now play my match now on sunday with out any worries ,because lets be honest it was causing me stress lol
A big help allso was taking my driver back in a putter style

Thanks paul saviour lol

Wayne Underhill

*The videos were great!  I fixed my slice and my drives are finally going straight averaging 300 yards!  Thanks!

Cody Thomas
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